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API Checkout Links


Nadles API Checkout Links allow you to instantly set up a checkout page for your API products without any coding.

Just create a checkout link for your API product and get a beautiful checkout page where customers can subscribe to your API, pay and start using it.


Make sure you've set up payment integration.

  1. On your API provider portal, navigate to Checkout → Links menu item.

  2. Click "Generate new checkout link".

  3. Fill out the form:


    Select the product that will be presented on this checkout page.

    Link name

    The name of the link. It will help you remember where you used this link.

    Example names are: Landing page, Developer portal, Pricing page.

    Maximum number of subscriptions

    If needed, specify the maximum number of subscriptions that can be created using this link.

    It allows you to limit, how many customers can subscribe via this link.

    It can be useful if you'd like to share the product with one customer — just specify 1 here and the link will get inactive once a customer creates a new subscription.

    Or if you'd like to offer a limited number of seats for a special offer — set the maximum number of subscriptions here.

    Checkout page theme

    Nadles supports custom styles for your checkout pages.

    You can configure the checkout page style to match your unique corporate identity.

    Read more about checkout page themes here.

  4. Click "Generate new link".

  1. Copy the link and...

  2. Use it as URL for the "Subscribe" button on your landing page.

  3. Post it on Reddit.

  4. Send it via WhatsApp.

  5. See the number of subscriptions grow with the checkout page created for your product by Nadles.