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Create a new customer and subscription

Usually, the most convenient way to onboard your customers is to send them an API checkout link and let them subscribe on their own. But in some cases you might need to create subscriptions manually.

Create a customer

  1. Navigate to your API provider page and click "My Customers", then "Customers".

  2. Click "Add new customer".

  3. Fill out the form and click "Submit".

  4. Customer list is displayed.

Create a subscription for the customer

  1. Navigate to the Product page -> Subscriptions.

  2. Click "Add new subscription".

  3. The product is pre-selected, now select a customer, pick subscription start and end dates and click "Submit".

  4. The subscription is now created.

  5. To start using the product, the customer needs an access token. In order to issue it, click on the subscription, to get to the subscription page.

  6. On the subscription page click "Add new token".

  7. If the "Token" field is left empty, the token will be generated automatically. Pick expiration date or leave it as is to make token never expire.

  8. Click "Add token".

  9. A new token is added to the subscription.

  10. Click on the eye icon to see the token.

  11. Send the token to the customer.

  12. The customer can now start using your APIs in accordance with the product configuration.