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When a customer subscribes to a product, Nadles starts issuing invoices for the used services.

If the product contains unmetered prices, the first invoice is created immediately upon subscription. The customer has to pay it in order to activate the subscription.

For metered prices (e.g. pay-as-you-go pricing), the invoice is created when the first usage of the priced quota occurs. Usage data is accumulated and the invoice is constantly updated with the new amounts until the end of billing period.

Invoice status

Invoices can have three statuses:

  1. New

    The invoice is open and the invoice due date hasn't come yet. Usage data is being accumulated and added to the invoice.

  2. Finalized

    When the invoice due date comes, it moves to "Finalized" status. After this point, no modifications are allowed to the invoice, and it can be paid by the customer.

  3. Void

    When the subscription is canceled, the invoice for the next billing period is voided.

  4. Submitted

    For Paddle only: the invoice for the metered usage was submitted to Paddle and will be charged on the next billing date.

  5. Submission failed

    For Paddle only: Nadles was unable to create a one-time charge for the metered usage to Paddle.

Payment status

  1. Unpaid

    The initial state for a new payment.

  2. Payment attempt failed

    The last payment attempt failed. If automatic payment attempt failed, the customer has to pay the invoice manually.

  3. Paid

    The payment was paid successfully.

  4. Skipped

    A payment attempt can be skipped for two reasons:

    • The invoice was submitted to Paddle and it will be charged by Paddle on the next billing date.
    • The invoice has a negative total amount. Nadles doesn't handle any refunds.
  5. Postponed

    The payment is postponed because the invoice amount is too small. The invoice will be included in the next payment.