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Creating products


Products are your subscription plans, they define contractual terms, including prices and services that customers get when they subscribe to this product.

Nadles Products define resources/endpoints/features that customers have access to, various limitations that apply, and pricing.

A single product can include any combination of endpoints from any number of your APIs — and Nadles will provide access according to the rules defined in the product.

Endpoints not included in the product are unavailable for customers subscribed to that product. Nadles API Gateway will reject requests to these endpoints.

When customer subscribes to a product, Nadles issues a new API key, and the customer is able to access all endpoints in the product using a single API key, even if there are several APIs included.

Read "Before you begin" to learn more about the product concept.

Create a product

To create a new product:

  1. Navigate to "Products" section and click "Add new product".

  2. Enter product name in the form.

  3. Next, select endpoints to be included in the product.

    You can select endpoints from several APIs. In that case, only those added to the product will be accessible for the customer subscribed to this product.

  4. Click "Submit".

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