What is Nadles

Nadles is an integrated set of cloud components allowing for effortless API monetization:

  • Access control, API key management and consumption control

    Our cloud edge API gateway proxies API calls to your backend, controls user access, enforces plan limitations for your users and automatically tracks per-customer usage.

  • Billing and subscriptions

    Our billing engine manages the whole life cycle of user subscriptions and turns usage data collected by the API gateway into amounts due to be paid by the users of your API.

    The billing engine is built on a fliexible data model, which enables a huge variety of pricing models to be implemented. Just like Stripe, but tailored to API use cases and requiring zero integration.

  • Payment collection

    Our ready-made payment provider integrations, with Merchant of Record option, allow you to immediately start accepting recurring payments for subscriptions from customers all over the world without writing a single line of code.

  • Customer onboarding and checkout pages

    Our pre-built Hosted Checkout Pages instantly onboard your customers, presenting your API products in the best way optimized for conversion.

    You can apply custom styling to your checkout page to build trust with customers and keep your corporate identity throughout the process.

  • Self-Service Portal for your customers where they can manage their subscriptions.

  • Management Portal for you, the API provider, to control all monetization-related aspects of your API business.